Mrs Iliana I. Korma is the Executive Manager of the Company. She was born in Athens and studied applied Mathematics (Maitrise-MSc.) in the University of Pierre & Marie Curie (PARIS 6). Ms Korma is in charge of the R&D department and responsible for the coordination, monitoring, follow-up and organization of the European projects and their promotion in Greece and Europe, she is dealing mostly with the preparation and execution of RTD projects by the EC or the Greek Government. Ms Korma is also a fluent speaker in English, French and Spanish.

Mrs Korma is:

EU Project Manager of Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale (PUI France).

EU Project Manager of Elite Team Special Missions Greece (EPOMEA GR).

Consultant in Athens Small & Medium Industries (ACSMI).

Mr Vassilios A. Gomozias is one of the main shareholders of the Company and he is currently holding the position of General Manager in F&K. Mr Vassilios Gomozias was born in Athens, Greece and studied Mechanical Engineer in the Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, specialized in the Production Engineering. He has successfully coordinated large-scale projects gaining a rich experience of more than 20 years in managing R&D and commercial projects of the private and public sector. He is responsible for the Financial & Time Planning in the Project Management and Total Quality Management-Quality Assurance & Quality Control.

Mr Pantelis K. Fourantzis was born in Kilkis, Greece and studied Electrical Engineer and Telecommunications in the Faculty of Technology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He is specialized in the “Study & Construction of small booth with constant magnetic field” already used by the Laboratories of the University’s Biological Department in order to study the electromagnetic radiation interactions caused by circuits of high tendency. His study was voted by the newspaper “TEXNOGRAFHMA” among the 16 more innovative. Since 1997, Mr Fourantzis is being occupied mainly with Electrical-mechanical Studies and Industries’ Technical Support. He is also responsible for the writing and submission of investment proposals mainly for public Organizations, aiming at their incorporation into European and National Co-Funded Projects in the environmental and recycling field.

Mrs Chara K. Kapsala was born in Nafpakto, Greece and she has has graduated Business Administration Faculty of the Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida, Greece. Chara has a considerable experience in binding procedures of EU funded projects, working in the field for the last fourteen years in SMEs, both in Greece and Italy. The main responsibilities of her job are to coordinate all European projects currently in the company as well as deal with the business development of this department. Mrs Kapsala acts also as a trainer on online uploading tools and web designer consultant. Furthermore, she deals with the R&D aspects of the elearning section of the company.